Amanta Ratchada

Left hand side behind Esplanade Mall there is one landmark: Amanta Residence. It’s a park of 5 buildings up to 7 stories high that are surrounding a beautiful landscape of gardens and swimming pool. It’s facilities include a Cybex fitness gym. Amanta Residence is partly operated as a hotel, serviced residence and privately owned residence.

Amanta Ratchada

Swimming Pool at Amanta Ratchada

It’s superior location and fine architecture make it one of the most upscale places to live on Ratchadapisek Road. Most units are two-bedrooms condominiums with large windows, balconies, wooden floors and walk-in closets. Most hotel units are one-bedroom apartments. Hotel rooms average up to 3000 Baht per night while residential rents run anywhere from 30k Baht for unfurnished apartments to 90k Baht for serviced three-bedroom units.

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