Night Shots

night time

Neon signs next to Esplanade’s entrance are frequently used for nightshot photography. In this picture a tourist from Switzerland captures the name plates of residing companies after nightfall with his Nikon 5200 DSLR camera.


One thought on “Night Shots

  1. Hi, nice work.
    I used to visit several times the entire area, then I lived & worked there.
    You are right, this is a very interesting, quiet area close to BKK CBD anyway.
    I am author of Thailand practical guides published on the Amazon Kindle platform. I am just onto finishing a new one dedicated to lodging in BKK, pointing the advantages of Ratchada – notably Esplanade. I would like to link to your site via the magnificent pix of “Main entrance” page. My own pix of Esplanade are not nice, so I don’t wish to illustrate my ebook with. Up to you…
    N.B.: this guide will be only in french – for the moment and I would be glad to send you a .mobi free copy.


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