This website is dedicated to one of Bangkok’s finest areas: Ratchadapisek Road. Esplanade is one of the landmark buildings and nicest shoppoing malls in this area, so I decided to name my Bangkok blog after this venue to combine semantic and local attributes. This website is in no way representing or advertising the building nor is it an official outlet for it’s owners, operators or managers. It’s just a beautiful, personal blog about the area surrounding Esplanade Ratchada reflecting personal opinions, experiences and photos. Hope you will find some useful information here and enjoy your visit. The site is updated from time to time. Feel free to come back and share our pages with friends on Facebook, Twitter and your personal websites. Cheers!

Esplanade at night

Look at the moon over Bangkok. It’s quarter moon at sunset.

Most information on my Bangkok blog will be accompanied by photos and contain information about the way they were shot with. I.e. the sunset image of Explanade’s second entrance during sunset. The best time to capture sunsets in Bangkok is between 18.30h and 19.00h in the evening. The last 10 minutes before the sun goes down photographers find many different colors on the horizon in low contrast. It’s a perfect time to shoot buildings, but finding proper camera settings can be very challenging. In this particular sunset, observe the moon above the mall. Isn’t it beautiful to see the moon at this time of the day?